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NEK 606 UX Cable Supplier

EUTEX International is the leading supplier of electrical cables worldwide. We offer complete turnkey services with accurate and effective solutions to our customers suitable for any application.

Our NEK 606 Drilling

Cables are designed with the highest standards for worldwide use in harsh environments such as fixed installation, oil drilling, offshore/marine applications. 

Due to its’ halogen-free and flame-Retardant features, it will not create corrosive gases and prevents the fire from spreading. 

Protects human life and equipment, during a fire and helps to extinguish the fire.

Low smoke density reduces the risk of suffocation and keeps visibility around the fire zone.

Cables with Mica Glass Tape (MGT) are tested to operate under fire conditions and mechanical stresses. These cables are mud resistant, and ideal for demanding offshore and marine environments.

EUTEX International offers a variety of cable constructions that falls under the NEK 606 family such as BFOURFOUBURUUX green/yellow earthing cable. Our experts can help you find the perfect cables for your specific needs and provide you with a complete solution that works.

Applications include but are not limited to: 

     Offshore and onshore drilling

     Living quarters


     Offshore platforms and vessels

     Floating production storage and

     Fixed Installation

     Compressors, mud pumps, shakers,

Why Choose EUTEX International?

Our professional team complies with the Quality Management System standard ISO 9001:2015 in everything we do, from stocking to distribution of our electric cables and accessories. Safety comes first to our team, which is why every solution we provide is up to safety standards and handled by experienced and certified workers.

At EUTEX International, we believe in providing full-service solutions with the support, certifications, and knowledge needed to get the job done right the first time. We are fully committed to bringing you safe and reliable products, as well as excellent customer support.

Get in touch today and make us your full-service NEK 606 UX cable supplier!